January 24, 2016

Bad baby

You’re a bad adult bABy every time mommy turns around you are getting into more trouble aren’t you? I will answer that for you. Yes you are! You will pull out all the toys in the nursery and not pick them up when you are told.  Last week you took the books from the shelves and started ripping the pages out and when I saw what you had done you tried to hide them.You even took off your poopy diaper and left it laying in the middle of the nursery floor for the other little ones to play in. You are a naughty little girl,and Mommy will always find out. Mommy will pull down that adult diaper, put you bottom up across my lap and spank your bare bottom till you learn mommy means business. I will not have any naughty adult bABies. Mommy Tawny’s spankings will straighten you out so call. Tawny (888) 430-2010
May 1, 2009

Its Potty Time

Yes its that time Potty Training time are you ready look what i have just for you my little diapered bottom baby.I know its a hard choice to make but you know at the age you are its way past time just say i know can i know can lol and you might just do it so come along lets get started on that training. Minnie
April 15, 2009

my new baby brother

“Ah ha! I knew it was you that had been stealing my diapers.” Would you tremble if you heard me whisper that to you? You were being soooo nosey that you were sneaking my diapers to try on and use them. Mommy had accused me of hiding them; I even got in time out because she thought I lied about it. I’m going to tell Mommy, and when I do you just see what happens. I still remember what Mommy did to you when she found you tying on my dress. She made you be my sister for the weekend. If she finds out you are a diaper thief, you’ll have to be a baby for who knows how long. You won’t be able to call me a baby in diapers anymore big brother. Love, Your Bratty Sister Katie
April 8, 2009

Happy Easter Every- Bunny

I told MinMin (Granny Minnie) that I wanted a baby chic and a baby bunny for Easter. I think she either got confused, or too busy to get both, because look what she gots me? It’s a Bunchic? A Chicny? It’s cute and weird whatever it is. Happy Easter From Katie
March 12, 2009

sissy sluts

Sissy sluts can get very nasty. There are the innocent types that just want to be sissy babies. I see a lot of slutty sissies though, all of the mommies do. We get the ones who need strap on training, and even forced bi. I don’t mind, I love all the sissies. Mommy loves you if you are a sissy in diapers, or if you are a slutty sissy in high heels. Mommy Scarlet
February 21, 2009

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