July 29, 2009

A “Discussion” with a Certain Abie

Sometimes a good ol’ fashioned paddling is just what the doctor ordered. I’ve found this to be true with one particular Abie (you know who you are). This past week we had a little “discussion” about all his bad behavior as of late, and a stern and lengthy paddling was the tool of choice to set him on the straight and narrow. Now let me tell you, this particular abie can be quite stubborn and mischievous – just when I thought he had learned his lesson, he let it slip that he, in fact, was NOT going to cease one of his naughty little habits, but continue to do so instead. Well, let me tell you, this led to a more stern “discussion” with my “handy helper”. But in the end, he saw the error of his ways, and promised to do much better in the future (we shall see). In either case, he had great difficulty sitting down for the next few days as a reminder of our little “discussion”. Mommy Gina
July 1, 2009

Sometimes You Just Need Your Mommy

Awww, had a bad day? Was the boss on your back? Did the work keep piling up higher and higher? Was traffic a complete bear? I know how those days can be. Ya know, sometimes you just need your mommy. Someone to be a sounding board; to hold you and rock you, to coddle you and sing softly in your ear. Someone to make all the days worries just melt away. Mommy Gina knows. I’ll get you in a clean diapy, fill that belly with warm, sweet milk, hold you close, and rock you gently, making all the bad stuff of the day seem like a distant memory. Before you know it, you’ll be saying, “what bad day?” Mommy Gina 1-888-430-2010
June 3, 2009

There was an Old Woman …

Do you like nursery rhymes as much as I do? Well here’s my take on an old favorite: There was an old woman, who lived in a shoe, She had some bad boys, but knew what to do. She put them in dresses, all pretty in pink, And showed all the neighbors, and asked what they think. And just when they thought, things could not get worse, She put them in diapers, completing the curse. So heed this strong warning, to all who are sulky, I’ll make you wear ruffles, and diapers so bulky! Mommy Gina 1-888-430-2010
April 9, 2009

I’m taking your Easter candy away!

Mmhmm that’s right. You heard me. You’ve been so naughty this week that I’m taking your Easter candy away from you and eating it all myself! Maybe that will teach you not to pull on the bunny’s ears! Oh? You say you’re sorry for that? How sorry are you? Don’t you think I should put you back in diapers and send you to the naughty chair? I do! I will punish you good for being so bad! Are you going to cry now little sissy? Cousin Jenna 1-888-430-2010
March 26, 2009

Time-out Chair

Look what I just got for all my naughty, naughty boys! A special chair just for you. And I have a special place for it – right in the corner.  Won’t eat your veggies?  Talking back to Mommy Gina?  Were you being mean to the other little boys on the playground?  Then in the chair you will go!  But before you end up in the chair, Mommy Gina will have to paddle that little hinnie of yours.  So next time you think about being bad, just remember that you will end up in this chair – with a very red hinnie! Mommy Gina 1-888-430-2010
March 20, 2009


When you were little did your mommy or daddy maybe even a member of the family tell you that there was things lurking in the dark or monsters in the closet or under the bed just to keep you in bed even maybe to keep you from going outside at night.Looks like someone told these kitties that poor little babies. Minnie