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April 29, 2015

Bath Time With Adult Baby

Look at you adult baby boi.  You’ve soiled your diaper.  Now it is all wet and nasty.  Whatever will we do?  I can not leave my little one in such a state.  Time to get clean and fresh.  Cum along sweet ab/dl. It’s our special time. Time for Mommy Sophia to give you a nice warm bath. I strip off your clothes and remove your dirty, squishy diaper while we wait for the tub to fill with water. I add a little bubble bath and your favorite squeaky toy.  I know how relaxing bath time can be for you. Finally the tub is full and the bubbles lay gently on top of the water. Picking you up, I sit you in the water. I listen at your giggles as the bubbles tickle your tummy. Then just as I do every night, I slide my clothes off and climb into the tub with you.  Pulling you close to me. You sit between my legs and lay back against my soft breasts.  I slowly begin to soap your body from head to toe.  I make sure to soap each and every inch of you.  I have to make sure your little weewee and tushy are extral clean and fresh.  So I pay extra attention to your little cocklette.  You love it when Mommy Sophia squeezes it with […]
May 24, 2008

Ticklish babies

I play with some very ticklish babies here at Phoneamommy. They giggle and coo as I tickle their underarms, and under their chins. I giggle too when they get to giggling, it’s the sweetest sound a mommy can hear is her happy baby. Some babies like tickling back, that’s fine with me if they want to find mommy’s ticklish spots. Mommy Robin
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