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October 11, 2015

New Things for Baby

Today, I bought my sissy baby a brand new pair of light pink, silk bloomers. They are simply darling, and he loves them. He put them on as soon as we got home. The only issue I have with them is that you can’t see his diaper, but they make him so happy I don’t really mind. There are rows of gently gathered ruffles along the top and the legs, with thin, pink bows tied at the legs. There’s even a string of pearls stitched at the waist. The best part of the bloomers, though, is that they lace up in the back with a pretty satin ribbon. That way, when my sissy messes himself, I can unlace the bloomers, slide them down, and change his diaper. I can’t imagine anything cuter than my little sissy with his cheeks, balls, and pee-pee freshly powdered in a snug diaper and his new bloomers! — Barbie <3  888-430-2010
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