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May 10, 2020
ass play

Dildo Butt Fucking My ABDL Baby Boy

It is my abdl baby boy’s birthday and I prepared a wonderful gift for him in a white box and which is wrapped in a red ribbon. He is absolutely flabbergasted when he realized that his present is an eight inch bumpy and curved clear borosilicate glass dildo with a note that read “Happy birthday to my baby boy, I can’t wait to penetrate you.” His virgin asshole has never been penetrated and today, I will enter his sacred hole.  I place a few drops of lube on my finger and unfasten the tabs of his pull-ups.  I turn him on his side in the fetal position and I tell him to lift up his leg and hold it in the air and prepare for ass play.  I take my left hand and separate his ass cheeks while I rub the lube beyond his bushy asshole’s crevice to the core of his wrinkled ass pucker.  Gently I massage his tight anus, making sure to get it nice, wet and ready for dildo insertion.  I then place the dildo against his asshole and tell him to take a deep breath and I insert it in at the tip for about an inch.  “You can exhale now,”  I said and he does.  I asked him “how does it feel as it only the tip inside?” He said, […]
May 2, 2020

ABDL SPH Phone Sex

If there is one thing that ABDL sweeties need to be reminded of once in a while (or more often), it is their little tiny peepees. Those naughty babies just do not always understand that those little things are practically useless to anyone else. An ABDL mommy just has a way with working on those little cocks, and a baby must be made to understand that! It is a good idea to show those babies just how tiny it is by having them stand in front of a floor length mirror while I yank their diaper down around their ankles. At this time, they are always limp and flaccid, their micro dicks almost inverting because they are so tiny. I tend to laugh at this point. I can’t help but laugh, but I do not try to stop myself because it only further reinforces to them that it is something so pathetic that it is laughable. Small penis humiliation is such an effective way to keep those precocious little babies from thinking that their little weewee is good for anyone other than mommy.  Those little cheeks go red as they blush and even start to cry! I watch those limp little peckers get to twitching and getting hard. Imagine that… getting turned on by hearing verbal abuse about your penis! Mommy always ends up helping […]
April 25, 2020

Keeping ABDLs in Line!

One of the daily challenges of being a good ABDL Mommy is the struggle between giving out punishment that is strict or sweet, knowing when to punish and when to let those ABDL cuties learn a lesson for themselves, and the list goes on! A lot of time, thought, and effort goes into making sure that no little one in my care is misbehaving! A Mommy like me already has so much on their plate when it comes to us keeping the home and babies happy and in order. This is why is is so very important to pay special and close attention to every single adult baby or diaper lover that comes my way! Each little one has a method of punishment that they respond to much better than other methods. I have one baby who just will not respond to spankings. This means that I have to think up new punishments to make sure that the point still gets across to them, without relying on a good hard spanking to do the trick! This can be one of the hardest parts about making sure that you are an attentive and fair mommy to all of your little ones. Just like different babies learn things in different ways, so too do they react differently to various forms of punishment. I will admit that it […]
April 13, 2020
Adult Baby

Dirty Diaper Danny

Dirty Diaper Danny likes to remain wetThe pissier his diapee becomes the happier he getsMy abdl baby pisses in the diapee in the morning and the nightAnd Dommy Mommy won’t change Danny until the time is rightI know that my diaper lover likes to feel the hot piss on his ballsAnd also all around his penis that is just so smallIt makes him feel so good to be so soggy and so dampAnd Mommy likes to add to that, a pair of nipple clampsDirty Diaper Danny also loves to feel the painWhen Mommy puts the clamps on him, I see that his eyes strainI twist them some and Danny gets excited as can beI peek inside his diapee and what do you think I see?A little pee pee sticking up like a little rockSo cute to see such a tiny cockAll soaked in piss that gets so hard, yet remain so smallSo Mommy grabs it with her hands until Dirty Diaper Danny bawls“Oh Mommy Scarlet, why’d you squeeze it so, my pee pee is so sore?”I smile and say, “you like the pain so I will squeeze some more”I squeeze it harder and this time I also gave a tugAnd to his knees Danny fell down and curled up on the rugIt’s time for Mommy now to change that pissy diapee sonIt’s been three days […]
April 4, 2020
Adult Baby

Suck My Toes

It is my abdl baby’s job to please me and I adore foot fetish worship.  I desire to have my toes sucked one at a time, followed by the incessant licking of the bottom of my feet. Moving my toes around and around continually in his mouth, feels absolutely tantalizing.  I relish placing my toes on my adult baby’s salivating and rough tongue, while rubbing them back and forth while they walk around in his mouth. I always remind him that his mouth is my pumice stone and I will scrub my feet on his tongue until I am gratified.  He usually tries to speak clearly when I do this, yet he always mumbles, as his mouth is occupied with my foot– “Yes, Dommy Mommy Scarlet, I am your pumice stone.” I enjoy toe fucking him and exploring his hungry wet mouth. My toes tickle the roof of his warm mouth, then they glide under his fleshy tongue. I then stretch out his mouth to its capacity by pushing half of my pointed foot into his welcoming mouth until it reaches the back of his tight throat.  He quivers and quakes as I push my foot in further. “Keep sucking – wash my foot with your mouth ” is what I tell him.  He wants to perform well so endures the foot fucking gag sex […]
March 28, 2020

Bathtime for Baby

Although it is not every single night, there are nights that my ABDL cuties and I look forward to just a little bit more than any other night… Bath night! This night is always so much fun for an ABDL Mommy and her little ones. Although it can be quite messy business, bath time is a fun filled time for babies and mommies alike. Toys and bubbles, towels and splashes… All of these help compliment an otherwise slightly boring part of life. First things first, I have to hunt down an adult baby to give a bath to! Sometimes this can be difficult because so many of my little ones try to evade bath time to keep playing for “five more minutes” over and over again. My extra naughty little ones who just love to sit and play in their saggy, stinky poopy diapers will run away and hide time and time again in an attempt to have me scoop up a different baby, allowing them to enjoy their squishy mess for just a little bit longer. Once I have a wiggling, giggling baby wrapped up tightly in my arms, I bee-line for the bathroom and bounce them on my knee while I begin running some nice warm water. We have to get that little cutie out of those clothes, so it is stripping time […]
March 20, 2020
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Being A Abdl Boy Is Great!

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March 7, 2020

Incontinence Happens… Call Your Mommy!

There are too many cute little ABDL sweeties out there who end up trying to hide their secret from others because they are afraid of judgement or punishment. I am here to say that there is nothing wrong with needing an ABDL Mommy to make sure that you are always getting the best love and care that you could ever want and need. Those people who judge or laugh do not understand what it is like to rely so completely on your diapers and little space. Who else would be appropriate to oversee an adult baby in their perfect environment than a Mommy? Once these babies get the care that they have so desperately craved for so long, they will quickly wonder how and why they ever let themselves go without it. All it usually takes is one little loving touch from Mommy for those once hopeless little ones to open their eyes to what true love is really about. A nursery all of their own, stocked full of all of the toys, diapers, and furniture just for them! Something that they only ever dreamed of will come true right before their very eyes. And who will be there to show support and pride over them during this exciting transition into babyhood? Mommy of course! A nice full, warm bottle or breast full of milk […]
February 23, 2020
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Kinky Diaper Masturbation

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