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May 21, 2008

AB time

I have not had alot of AB time lately. I have been doing a whoile lot of mommy calls, which I love to do. But I do like my time as an AB too. So my mommy said this weekend is all for me. I get lots of special mommy/ab time and I get to be diapered and babied from friday to sunday. I can’t wait! Little Janey
May 6, 2008

Mean Girl

I am not usually mean by nature but on ocassion, in the right setting, it can be fun. *giggles* I do have a few babies that enjoy a mean babysitter or girlfriend who catches them in diapers and totally humiliates them. It’s fun to sometimes play something your not or to let that little side out. *wink wink* I have lots of ideas for mean little tricks to play and lots of friends that I will parade you around in front of all diapered and dolled up. Love~ Little Janey come chat
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