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November 18, 2016

Punishment Phone Sex

  You don’t listen very well, do you?  I gave you some simple chores…pick up your toys, make-up your bed, put up your clothes. Doesn’t sound very hard, especially for such a well-mannered little adult baby like yourself.  I thought you were well-mannered, anyway.  Seems like you need to taught a small lesson in what happens when you don’t listen to your abdl phone sex Mommy.  I want you to bend over, and I’m going to spank your bottom until it’s just as red as the leather belt I’m going to use on you. Wiggle and fuss all you want…if you want it to get worse. After I finish with you I’m going to put you back in your diapers. If you want to act like a baby, you will definitely be treated like one. You’ll wear a thick, padded diaper that will rub on that sore hiney of yours, and remind you what happens when you don’t listen to Mommy. Brenda 1-888-430-2010 Click HERE to chat with a phone sex Mommy #diaperpunishment  #abdlmommy  #adult baby    
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