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March 6, 2009


I am always in awe of nature of what it brings into our lives the birds,bees small animals, insects of all kinds but i love the small butterflies that comes to drink the sweet nectar from my lilac bush that blooms these great big purple blooms every year so hopefully i can capture a pic of the butterflies as they surround the lilac bush this year. Minnie
December 17, 2008

Sleepy Time

It is time for all good abies to take their holiday naps! Just as this cute little puppy needs his sleep, so do you! I can help you settle down for a nice long nap. I will tease you just enough to make you happy and oh so very warm all over. *giggles* A nice warm bottle of milk, a nice warm bottom, a fresh diaper…what more could you want? Oh! You actually want to drink that milk don’t you? But such fun I have teasing your little lips with it, giving you a drink and then taking it away. In the end it is so very worth the wait! *blowing kissies to my abies* CousinJenna I’m adorable, look! Come chat, it’s fun!
July 14, 2008

Pool and Relaxation Time

The weather here is sunny and in the upper ’80’s so I’m headed out to the pool to work on my tan and get a few hours of relaxation. I’m reading Fearless Fourteen by Janet Evanovich. When I’m finished I’ll let you know how I liked it. But everyone who reads the Stephanie Plum series knows this is going to be a good read. I’m also armed with premixed margarita (alcohol included) and looking forward to a decent buzz. Been a long time since i had one of those. Ta ta for now. Mommy Crissy 1-888-430-2010 Yahoo IM: phonemommycrissy
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