February 27, 2009


Ok now it must be getting close to SpringTime i have heard birds singing out of my bedroom window for the last few days my flowers are starting to pop threw the soil the trees are budding out little tiny buds so it must be coming soon i really hope so then me and the babes can get outside and plant more flowers and play won’t that be fun. Lorraine
February 27, 2009


I love the sounds that WindChimes make while gently blowing around the wind as it hits them.They have such a sweet soothing sound to them they relax you so much just listening to them i love hanging them out the windows of my nursery so the babies can listen and watch them move with the wind.Come listen to my WindChimes with me. Minnie
February 23, 2009


I grew up being told that ANGELS are always watching over us no matter where we are and no matter what we are doing they are there to help protect us.So i am sending this Angel to watch over all of you babies. Stell
February 13, 2009


Don’t look you know your not suppose to peek when someone is changing Minnie said no one is allowed to peek hehee because she has to change my diaper also.Need your diaper changed also well come on then she loves changing our diapers. Minnie
February 2, 2009


Here is a cute little dress just for my little sissy maid thats right i am going to make you into a sissy maid because i know that is what you like so come along my little sissy put this on so you can get your list of duties for being my sissy maid.I will still keep you in diapers have no fear of that now. Stella
January 27, 2009


I loved this picture when i came across it thought i would like to share it will everyone.Love the fact that the dog didn’t seem to mind that all these little baby ducks were climbing all over it.Just seems to be enjoying all of these cute babies. Stella