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January 2, 2009


Winter is here and the cold weather is on its way if its not already here. What could be a better time than to cuddle up with a nice warm blanket and a hot glass of cocoa? Or better yet why not snuggle with your favorite mommy or daddy and be really cozy. Daddy Paul
October 17, 2008

At Last

My favorite time of the year is finally here. Fall is just a wonderful time of the year the weather starts to cool off the trees change colors. Since I love the outdoors so much it makes all those activities much more pleasant like camping out, hiking, and fishing. And I do love to watch football. So I am now beginning to enjoy myself lets take the time and enjoy this nice time of year. Daddy Paul
October 3, 2008


The thing about this time of year is that it is election time. Not only is it for local leadership it is for a national level. So it doesn’t matter your thoughts on it there is one thing that you can do to make your voice heard vote. Study the candidates and what they stand for and make your own decisions about who is best to serve your needs. If your candidate doesn’t win at least you did your part by taking advantage of your right of getting to VOTE little ones. Daddy Paul
August 3, 2008

Daddy’s First

I still remember it like it was yesterday my first diaper change for an abie. I was in college on a blind date and everything was going great at dinner and then came the movies where I excused myself to go to the bathroom and she sat there and waited for me to return. As we got up to leave I saw her kind of walking a little funny and could hear a sound of plastic. When we got to her house she asked me if a wanted to come in and help her change because she had an accident. So as I walk in I could still hear that sound and as she dropped her skirt I saw the diaper she was wearing. I came to find out there was a small crowd of adult babies on campus and I was soon the father figure around there and have enjoyed it since then. Daddy Paul
June 13, 2008


Daddy What does it mean. D stands dashing. A stands for attentive. D stands for daring. D stands for diaper changer. And Y stands for your friend. Put it all together and you have got that man who loves his abies Daddy. Love, Daddy Paul
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