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October 14, 2008

What We Believed as Children

Some of us were told things by parents, grandparents or siblings to either scare us, or get us to stop doing something. Here are a few things some parents, siblings and friends told their sons, daughters and friends. I found most of these quite funny. 1. My dad was magic! When we would drive on the freeway in the rain, if he concentrated really hard he could stop the rain, but then one of us kids would mess up his concentration and it would begin again. I only realized many years later that we were driving under overpasses! 2. This belief is now something of a family tradition. My mother, who was never the greatest of chefs, told me (and all my siblings) when i was small that if i didn’t eat all my supper, “the children who eat poo” would come & get me. The children who eat poo are a bunch of naughty children who also wouldent eat thier supper & now live on the streets with nothing to eat but poo! They were like a gang of poo eating street punks. as my mother was a self employed courier sometimes when i was in the car with her she would point to dumpsters & say thats where the children who eat poo live. needless to say, washing the dishes in our house […]
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