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September 26, 2008

I just had an amazing call with a brand new sissy. She has been dreaming of being a sissy for many years but up until now did not feel comfortable enough to actually go through with it. She called me for the first time 2 months ago and we spoke at great length about her desire to explore her sissy side. During our first call she decided she wanted to take the first step to becoming a sissy and asked if I could guide her. Of course I was thrilled to help her on her journey. *big smiles* I gave her some ideas on what she should start out with. So she went out this week and purchased the items then gave me a call. Poor thing, she was so very nervous about getting drssed up for the first time. I did all I could to make her comfortable and I think it worked. By the end of the call she seemed very happy. I am honored that Sissy Faye chose me to be her mommy and to help her through her first steps into sissy transformation. Remember, mommy is always here for you. Mommy Josie
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