June 24, 2008

Big Baby Bottle

Now Mommy, does not approve of baby drinking alcohol. But I know some naughty lil babies who sneak when mommy is not looking. 😉 So, if you are going to insist on drinking things not approved my mom, you can, at least still drink from your baabaa. Mommy Josie
June 11, 2008

Do you love me?

Of course you do *giggles* I am the most fun little blonde you will ever meet. Do you like my new socks? I found them when I was out shopping over the weekend. If some sissy is very good maybe I will let her wear them next time we play? Or if some little boy is very good, I will wear them for him next time we play. *giggles* Remember boys and girls. Janey is home for the summer and waiting to play. So pick up that phone and give me a ring.      Muuuuah! Little Janey