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November 2, 2008


Boy oh boy am I getting excited.  Now that the pumpkins are getting all mushy and your front yard looks like a toilet exploded because you gave out that crappy candy that Candy mentioned in her blog last week, (shame on you if you did) it’s time to move on to the heavy weight holidays!  Thanksgiving being one of them, how could you not like this Holiday, I mean come the frick on! You eat, you have to spend time with family members you don’t like, you get to eat, you get to pick a name for your secret Santa gift that you must send to the family member you don’t like (thank God for chia pets eh?), you eat, you fall asleep, you eat. What’s not to like?   So as of this day I am decking out my house with Thanksgiving Day decorations and getting ready to gain 30 lbs!  YAY for Holidays! Soon to be fat, Stacie 1-888-430-2010
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