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June 16, 2019
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The Magic Of Mommy’s Voice

When I greet a favorite adult baby boy at the beginning of a phone chat, I just love hearing that adorable hint of a moaning sigh as my cute little one slips into little space. All the baby powder and diaper pins in the world can’t really being to compare to the joy that is having your very own Mommy comfort and care for you. I love getting to know my age play diaper lover baby and figure out which words whispered or giggled by Mommy are the ones that really put you over the edge and send you into that blissful state of true littlespace. From a gentle, nurturing adult baby diaper change to a firm reprimand about how you’re not a big boy at all, I want the sweet caress of Mommy’s voice to guide you to your happy place, baby. XOXO Mommy Jackie 888-430-2010 Click HERE to talk to a phone sex mommy
May 17, 2015

Peeking at Mommy

  Oh no! Mommy Candy caught her abdl sissy peeking in her room while she was having fun with her boyfriend! You are in big trouble now mister! What will she do to you?  Mommy will put you in some trashy lingerie and present you to her boyfriend to do with what he pleases.  Mommy will sit by and watch her sissy son suck cock for the first time.  What will mommy let her boyfriend do to you Candy 888*430*2010    
September 3, 2009


Did you wet the bed again young man? You did! That’s it I have had it with you! Your going back in diapers you hear me! Now don’t you whine and cry like a little baby and stop squirming before I slap that bottom! Now sit still and do as mommy tells you! Your just gona have to be regressed back into Mommies little baby boy! Will put some plastic panties on you, now here is a baba and I will place you in that play pen till Mommy is done with the house work. *Knock on the door* Oh my, who might that be, why it’s Sharon and her daughters Cindy and Brianna. “Come on in, Come in. See my little boy, isn’t he just darling? Now you girls be nice to the baby while your mother and I catch up.” Cindy and Brianna *points their fingers and giggles* “Isn’t he much to old for that playpen Miss Sara?” Brianna asked. “Well some children are not ready to be the age they are and need to start all over again from a baby, so just be nice to him and play with him as if he were a infant baby, Okay Girls? You will do that for Miss Sara, wont you?” *Looking down at my sweet dumpling* “Don’t be shy my little baby, just […]
August 6, 2009

Mommy Lauren’s Kisses

AWWWW sweet abies of mine and all my darling sissies as well Mommy Lauren has missed you and is ready to give you kisses and luv.  I hope everyone has a great weekend and if you are feeling like you need some extra special attention you know just who to call. Muahhhhhhh, Lauren
June 11, 2009

A Day with my Sissy Baby

A couple of days ago one of my sissy girl baby’s asked me to take her shopping for a party dress. Much to her delight I was more than happy to do so. So, Mommy Lauren called my friend that owns a cute little boutique downtown you know the kind with all sorts of party dresses and formal wear. I arranged a personal meeting for her to meet my sissy girl and oh my what fun we had. I think we must have spent close to 4 hours just trying on dress after dress, slips and petticoats, shoes and matching purses. My sissy was the prettiest sissy by far on the night of the party. Want Mommy Lauren to take you to the boutique as well? Give me a call and let’s play… Muah darlings, Lauren
June 6, 2009

At the End of the Rainbow

What can we find together at the end of the Rainbow! Mommy Sara dresses her baby in their diapey, ready to venture out together in search for treasure. What might we find on our hunt? A pot of gold? A dirty diaper? A new toy? Maybe a fun role play with mommy? Whatever your wish Mommy and you will be sure to find it! Cum play with Mommy Sara and let’s see what great treasures await us! Mommy Sara 1 888 430 2010
June 4, 2009

Ice Cream Party!

Mommy Lauren just got finished making ice cream cake cones oh and they are yummy for your tummy! hehe Come on over and have one or two plus Lauren has sweet, fresh milk ready for you to go with it! Yay! Let’s have some fun today… muah muah, Lauren
May 28, 2009

Thinking of my Abies!

Just wanted all my special ones to know that I’m here thinking of you hoping you will call soon so we can play and Mommy Lauren can pamper you! Muah..hugs & lot’s of kisses, Lauren
May 28, 2009

Thinking of my Abies!

Just wanted all my special ones to know that I’m here thinking of you hoping you will call soon so we can play and Mommy Lauren can pamper you! Muah..hugs & lot’s of kisses, Lauren
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