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June 11, 2015

Mommy Michelle’s Sissy DressUp Time!

nu Mommy sees how you look longingly into my closet at all my pretty things. And you always sit in Mommy’s room when I get ready for an evening out. Patiently watching me as I apply my makeup and slip into my silky panties and stockings. I know how much you long to be Mommy’s pretty little AB girl. And even though I don’t think you are quite ready for makeup and panties, that doesn’t mean you can’t be Mommy’s beautiful girl. I have something very special to show you. Something that will transform you into the sissy you have longed to be. So take Mommy’s hand sweetling and allow me to escort you into a whole new world. With Mommy by your side, guiding you, we will make you the prettiest princess in all of Sissyland. Come with Mommy, it’s time to begin…
April 30, 2008

Tickle Torture

I had a new caller last night with a most interesting fetish. He likes to tickle women til they pee themselves. He had never tickled a woman wearing a diaper but when he came across my profile, he thought it would be fun and a new spin on his fetish. I have to say it was ALOT of fun. He was a regular ham and actually made me pee my diaper a bit before we even got started. He was cracking jokes and craked me up. lol. “C”, I had a blast trying something new with you and I hope we get to do it again soon. *wink* -Josie
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