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May 1, 2009

Good Week

Boy I tell you what I love the spring weather we are having. I have had a chance to do some outside work and have really enjoyed every minute of it. There were outside windows to be cleaned grass to be mowed and a little bit of painting. I think spring weather brings out the best in us all. After being pretty much trapped inside for the winter Daddy is more than elated to be breathing in some good clean fresh air. Daddy Paul
March 6, 2009

Just Wondering

I was just sitting here thinking to myself what shall I write about this evening? Well I shall pose this question to you what would you like for Daddy to write about? Since this blog is for you all to read I guess I should like to know what interests you enough for me to put into words. So it’s up to you on my next blog let me know. Till then much love and big hugs and let me know your ideas. Daddy Paul
February 27, 2009


Daddy has just come home from a long day of work and is worn out. Are you going to be a good little boy and help me out? That would be a wonderful way to help daddy relax just a little bit. Some simple things like a big hug and maybe a glass of tea or maybe even something comfy for me to slip into. After I am relaxed and we eat dinner then we can play daddy and abie it is really what we have been waiting for and is so much nicer when daddy gets a little bit of help getting unwound from his stressful day of work. Daddy Paul
February 13, 2009

That Valentine’s Day

It is getting to be that all-important day of recognizing your true love known as Valentines Day. So make sure that you let you sweetheart how much you love and care for them. It will mean lots to them and make you feel good that you single them out as the one true love in their life. There is no real need to go out and but expensive gifts when a card or a heart felt letter will get your point across. So use your imagination be creative and let your love show. Daddy Paul
February 6, 2009

little sissies

I have been thinking and planning for vacation the past few weeks. Doing anything to keep from thinking about this bitter cold. I just think how fun it would be to have a little sissy abie to go with me. I don’t know anyone now well enough to spend vacation with them, but maybe I will find a sissy while vacationing. They don’t have to be an abie or a diaper wearer, but I love sissies in allll forms. Daddy Paul
January 16, 2009

Relaxing Time

Now that the holidays are over its time to set back and relax. If your holidays were anything like mine that means it was very hectic. So sadly to say I am kind of glad they are over so everybody can take the time to get settled and relax. Now is the time to start thinking about that summer vacation and ride out winters cold and have hopes of a brighter year with the first signs of spring. So I hope all the abies and DL’s enjoys this wonderful New Year. Daddy Paul
October 17, 2008

At Last

My favorite time of the year is finally here. Fall is just a wonderful time of the year the weather starts to cool off the trees change colors. Since I love the outdoors so much it makes all those activities much more pleasant like camping out, hiking, and fishing. And I do love to watch football. So I am now beginning to enjoy myself lets take the time and enjoy this nice time of year. Daddy Paul
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