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September 26, 2008


This little one looks very secure in knowing his mommy and daddy are taking care of him and making him very loved.As you can see they have him securely tucked between the two of them so no harm can come to their baby.That is what we do here at phoneamommy we tuck our babies up close to us so that they know that they are loved at secure with us. Minnie
June 11, 2008


oh i could just see my son-in-law in this outfit it would be so fitting for the punishments i dream up to do to him when he misbehaves and doesn’t do my daughter right. because at least once a week she calls me and says mom this son-in-law of your’s is not doing what he is told so i have to go over and straighten him out. so i think i will purchase one of these and make him wear it walk him up and down the street in front of his neighbors and friends and co-workers i do believe that might straighten him out for alittle while what do you think hmm well if you have a husband or son-in-law that needs to be put in his place give me a call at phoneamommy1-888-430-2010 granny minnie
May 27, 2008

my little sissies

now my sissies would you not love to be in this one’s place all dressed and tied up and ready for your punishment no matter what it might be. it might be a spanking or just humilation just never know with this mommy.give me a call at phoneamommy and we will see which one you might get. mommy lorraine call me at 1-888-430-2010
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