March 27, 2009

How about a Change

I was just sitting here thinking I might just need a change of pace for myself. I was thinking about getting diapered. Now what do you think about that wouldn’t it be different to change daddy’s diaper for once? I don’t get these feelings very often but the urge came on me very strong today. So think about it wouldn’t it be nice so come on lets give it a try. Daddy Paul
March 6, 2009

Just Wondering

I was just sitting here thinking to myself what shall I write about this evening? Well I shall pose this question to you what would you like for Daddy to write about? Since this blog is for you all to read I guess I should like to know what interests you enough for me to put into words. So it’s up to you on my next blog let me know. Till then much love and big hugs and let me know your ideas. Daddy Paul
December 5, 2008

Christmas Time

Its Christmas time again so who is on the naughty and nice list? Have you all been good little boys and girls? I hope that you are on the nice list because from I have seen you have been very good and deserve only the best this holiday season. If you have been naughty then there is still time to change that so you too can get that cuddly-stuffed bear or that blankie you’ve had your eye on. But to all I hope for joyous holiday. Daddy Paul
October 3, 2008


The thing about this time of year is that it is election time. Not only is it for local leadership it is for a national level. So it doesn’t matter your thoughts on it there is one thing that you can do to make your voice heard vote. Study the candidates and what they stand for and make your own decisions about who is best to serve your needs. If your candidate doesn’t win at least you did your part by taking advantage of your right of getting to VOTE little ones. Daddy Paul
August 15, 2008

Baby Talk

I got a question from an abie the other day that asked me if I really liked to hear baby talk. My goodness yes I love to hear baby talk. That and changing diapers are some of the most wonderful things I get to experience being a daddy. What a wonderful thing to hear an abie saying (dada) it puts me in the bests of moods. So if you would really like to brighten my day give me a call and let me hear your best baby talk. Daddy Paul
August 11, 2008


What a nice weekend I just had. It was relatively cool for summertime and it felt good to get out of the house and not sweat to death. On Saturday I got to go camping and fishing Then on Sunday I had a few friends over for a cookout with chicken, hamburgers and hotdogs. It was nice to have such a relaxing weekend. I just wish my work week went this nicely so I just hope to hear from some of you abies call and brighten up the week. Daddy Paul