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December 20, 2016

Feminization Phone Sex

I have been noticing that you pay extra attention when Mommy wears her thigh high stockings and her garter belts, little sissy baby.  Do you like the way they look on me, or are you thinking about how they would look on you?  You already look so sweet with the phone sex petticoat training I’ve been giving you, forcing you to wear your frilly dress with the poofy petticoats underneath, that is just high enough to give everyone a peek at your lacy panties! I think you’re right, though, you would look so pretty with some stockings, and a garter belt to accentuate those girly hips of yours.  I may even get you a set just like mine, so you can match with your abdl mommy. We would get so many compliments when I take you out to show you off to everyone! What to hear more about it? Call me so that I can tell you all about it! Brenda 1-888-430-2010 Click HERE to chat with a phone sex Mommy
March 6, 2009


Oh look what mommy has for this fussy baby a brand new pacifer just for you my little one i know your going to love this one look how cute it is just for the bratty baby you are hehee Lorraine 1-888-430-2010
October 24, 2008

new type of undies

i found a new kind of underwear just thought all you might like to see them.not sure if that is what anyone would want to wear these to me i think they would be a bit what does everyone else think of these new undies. mommy lorraine
June 11, 2008


oh i could just see my son-in-law in this outfit it would be so fitting for the punishments i dream up to do to him when he misbehaves and doesn’t do my daughter right. because at least once a week she calls me and says mom this son-in-law of your’s is not doing what he is told so i have to go over and straighten him out. so i think i will purchase one of these and make him wear it walk him up and down the street in front of his neighbors and friends and co-workers i do believe that might straighten him out for alittle while what do you think hmm well if you have a husband or son-in-law that needs to be put in his place give me a call at phoneamommy1-888-430-2010 granny minnie
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