December 11, 2007
First Time Caller, Long Time Reader.
December 11, 2007
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Teddy Bear Hugs

bear-hugs.gif               bear-hugs.gifbear-hugs.gif                      bear-hugs.gifbear-hugs.gif                  bear-hugs.gif             bear-hugs.gif

I just wanted to take a moment and send you all a big TEDDY BEAR HUG!!!  How is everyone? I am feeling a little blue today and huggin’ on my teddy makes me feel better, every single time it does.  So I thought that if you were having a down day that maybe you could use a teddy bear hug too!  Squeeze him tight, shut your eyes, and let all those worries pass.  There ALL BETTER!

Teddy bear hugs to you,


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