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Stinky, Smelly Diapers!
June 16, 2019
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Cuckold Diaper Boy
June 17, 2019

When I greet a favorite adult baby boy at the beginning of a phone chat, I just love hearing that adorable hint of a moaning sigh as my cute little one slips into little space. All the baby powder and diaper pins in the world can’t really being to compare to the joy that is having your very own Mommy comfort and care for you. I love getting to know my age play diaper lover baby and figure out which words whispered or giggled by Mommy are the ones that really put you over the edge and send you into that blissful state of true littlespace. From a gentle, nurturing adult baby diaper change to a firm reprimand about how you’re not a big boy at all, I want the sweet caress of Mommy’s voice to guide you to your happy place, baby.

XOXOadult baby girl

Mommy Jackie


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