Girl Panties for Little Brother
September 5, 2016
To the Doctor we Go
September 6, 2016


Time for your sweet diaper change so I can put your Bambino Bellissimo Diaper and then your cute Adult baby bathing suit, and to make sure we grab some towel and some floaties for when we are swimming in the ocean! We are going to have soo much fun! Splashing and playing in the waves! Maybe we will get to see some dolphins? What do you think honey? Come on let’s go! But first let’s put some sunscreen on you so you don’t get a sunburn. I am going to slowly rub some sunscreen on your shoulders and your back down your arms and your cute cheeks and for head and chest! Now we are heading into the water! Look at you playing in the waves so cute! Don’t you splash mommy! I am going to splash you back! HaHa What fun we are having! Imagine how soaked your water diaper is getting! And after your done playing I figured I would give you some breastmilk for your snack! Call me for some Abdl Phone Sex



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