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March 9, 2008
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March 9, 2008
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Two Girl Call

ava.jpg  I really enjoy doing two girl calls.  Today I got to do one with Mommy Candy.  Seems her little boy was acting up in class and I had to keep him after school today.  When his Mommy came in she told me that I could spank him if I wanted.  And I did, you see he wet himself on purpose.  Just to spite me!  Nasty little boy.  After I got done spanking him, Mommy Candy spanked him, but make him pull down his wet pants and briefs, she spanked him so very hard on his wet skin until he said he was sorry.  After we punished him we gave him some special Mommy, Teacher attention *wink*.  Thank you Candy for doing that call with me today, and I bet your little one will not act up in class anymore.


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