Christmas Time
December 13, 2007
A very special call
December 15, 2007

  Mommy Scarlet   Oh my goodness. What a long night Mommy had with her abie. I don’t know what it is but he has tried to get away with everything lately. It started with ripping off his plastic panties and unpinning his diapers. Then making Mommy chase him down. Of course when I found him we were in the hallway floor with him getting his sissy butt spanked while he wiggled and wriggled. He thought tears would stop me.
     I went and got his locking plastic panties and took care of that problem. However it went on and on. He had to have a mouth soaping and some switching to the backs of his thighs before finally being sent to bed early. Tomorrow after big boy work he can start on his writing assignment.
    I think it’s kind of funny after all of this time eh still thinks pleading and crying will help his situation. Of course the big puppy dog eyes are cute but they can’t save him all the time.
Mommy Scarlet

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