Harley’s Peas Make Harley Pee Part 1
February 27, 2019
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Mommy’s Diaper Dungeon Pt 1
March 6, 2019

Jeffrey slipped into Mommy Brenda’s bedroom on his tip-toes, so nervous that his hands were shaking, but his dirty panty fetish wouldn’t let him be! He’d waited for what felt like forever in his crib after he saw her light go out, sneaking over the side as quietly as he could to creep out of his nursery. Now he slowly went towards her dirty clothes hamper, the crinkle from his diaper loud in his ears and it seemed to take forever since he froze every time that she so twitched or breathed too heavy! He was finally able to lift the hamper lid up and right there on top was a sheer pair of nylon panties that had to be the ones she just took off. Before he could give it a second thought, they were crumpled up in his hand with the musky, moist crotch pressed against his nose. What to read what happens next? Click here to read and call for some panty fetish phonesex.



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