Panty Thief Phone Sex
October 10, 2016
Mommy isn’t very happy
October 12, 2016


Oh no!! You have been a naughty sissy Slut haven’t you? You know you’re supposed to ask you Abdl mommy before you can play with your little clitty! What shall mommy do about this? Hm? Corner time? Chasity? 100 spankings ? Or even better how about all of it? Come over here! I am going to lay you across my lap and pull up your pretty skirt and pull down your plastic panties and Adult Diaper! Wack! Count out loud for every spanking! Don’t start crying! You know what you did was wrong! I don’t wanna hear it! From now on I will be locking that peepee of yours up! And hiring a babysitter to watch you and to make sure you don’t try to take off that device! You understand me ? Good little Sissy Slut I am glad that you understand what I am telling you! Now get in the corner for 45 mins or until I say otherwise! No excuses! Call me for some Abdl Phone Sex!



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