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February 23, 2008
Big Comfy Chair
February 24, 2008
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what does today bring?

38.jpg   I have been having a great weekend. Friday night there was abies in chat to play with, and some great Mommies too. All of our mommies are amazing by the way. Granny Minnie and Granny Joan always make me laugh and make me glad I am working with them. It was also good to be in with Mommy Star and Lacy. All my mommy friends are a lot of fun to chat with.
   Then on top of chatting, I got to play with a few adult babies on the phone. Some were forced into diapers, some were punished but I was pleased to hear from every one of them. I think we also have the best babies around. So now I wonder what today brings.
Mommy Scarlet

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