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Little Bitty Roger
August 9, 2019
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Diaper Fetish Phone Sex
August 11, 2019

It had been a long week for Tim, getting used to a new job in the stockroom of a local sporting goods store and the new uniform. Tim was totally addicted to wearing crinkly, disposable adult baby diapers 24/7 and his pants for this job just weren’t quite roomy enough. He was fidgeting with them again in the back room when he heard a giggle behind him. One of the cashiers, Daphne, had come into the back to find something- she just never expected it would be a humiliation porn clip happening in right in front of her! Tim stuttered and tried to hide behind a stack of boxes but the cute girl cornered him, pulling his pants down as she asked just what he was hiding from her? He felt the familiar flooding sensation as the embarrassment overtook him and he soaked his abdl diapees just like a big baby!


Mommy Jackie


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