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April 22, 2008
Mommy for Janey
April 22, 2008
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Where are all my little sissy babies?

I enjoy putting submissive boys where they belong- on their hands and knees.
Whether you’re a adult baby, diaper lover, or sissy slut, you’ll learn to crawl
for Me, and your little penis will get hard at the sound of My laughter.
I’ll put your tongue to good use cleaning my pussy and ass,
and if you’re a whiny little bitch boy, you’ll end up being gagged and bound.  I’ll see how well
you can keep up with Me when you’re trying to crawl behind Me on My leash
with your nose in My ass.  Squat here on the floor and open your mouth so I
may use you as my toilet.  That’s if you’re lucky.  I do enjoy taking my
slaves to entertain all my friends, you don’t stand a chance
perve boy you will surrender and submit.   

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