Mommy Janey’s Adult Baby Diaper Assignment Video
April 8, 2018
April 10, 2018
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Which ABDL Are You?

What sort of lovely little adult baby are you? Sweet and adorable and cute, always well-behaved with a smile ready for everyone that you see? Would you be happiest on your back, with your legs up in the air while you play with your itty-bitty toes while everyone coos at you? How about a mischievous baby that likes to do naughty things, like taking off your diaper when your abdl Mommy turns her back or drawing on yourself with a marker?! Or…are you just little bit of both? Naughty, sweet, mischievous, adorable, whatever you are at any minute your Mommy knows just how to take care of you, and exactly what you need! Whatever kind of Mommy (or Aunt, or babysitter) that you need, you will definitely find her at PhoneAMommy! Just come and chat with us in the chatroom or just jump right in and call to talk to us!



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