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By Little Stinky Britches

"I know what Marty's doing." His Mother would playfully say, whenever the 9 month-old was "busy" pooping his pants.

Her 9 month-old would often turn bright red in the face,
and loudly grunt and pass gas as he filled his diapers.
It was so embarrassing when Marty did his busy business.

One morning, his Mother was talking on the phone,
when she saw Marty suddenly stop in his baby walker,
and stand there motionless, as his face turned red as a beet.

"Uh, oh, somebody looks awful busy in their britches.
Goodness gracious. Somebody's got a bright red face.
Yeah, somebody looks awful busy in their britches.
I bet somebody's gonna poop their pants. Goodness.
Are you busy doing something in your britches?"

Of course, there wasn't much privacy at Marty's house.

While his Mother sat on the sofa watching him,
the infant stood in his baby walker grunting and tooting.
His Mother loved those potty noises he made in his pants,
and face was so red it made his Mother smile a motherly smile.

"Uh, oh, I think I know what Marty's busy doing.
Yeah, somebody's awful busy in their britches. Goodness!
Somebody sure is awful busy grunting in their britches.
Are you pooping your pants? Is that Marty over there grunting?
My goodness gracious. Mommy hears something over there.
Yeah, it sounds like somebody's awful busy in their britches."

Before she went to the nursery to get more diapers,
his Mother leaned over the baby walker and sniffed the air.
The pungent smell of poop wafted up all around her son,
as he stood in his baby walker and grunted with a red face.

"Shoooo-wee! That's what I thought you were doing.
Goodness gracious Marty! You sure are filling your britches.
Yeah, Marty's busy pooping his pants. Shoooo-wee, Shoooo!
Is that why hims is so busy grunting? Goodness gracious.
Yep, I know who's busy pooping their pants. It's baby Marty.
Goodness. Somebody's gonna need a diaper change."

His Mother then laid out fluffy cloth diapers from the nursery,
along with baby powder, rubber pants and diaper pins.

The smell from his britches wafted over to her nose.
His Mother smiled and giggled at her grunting baby,
as the pungent odor wafted over from his stinky britches.

"Uh, oh, somebody's awful busy. I smell something.
Shoooo-wee Marty! Is that you I smell? Goodness.
Somebody's pooping their pants, cause I smell it. Shooo!
Is Marty pooping his pants? Is he filling his britches?
Shoooo! It smells like somebody needs a changing."
Yeah, I think Marty's pooping his pants. Goodness."

After Marty stopped grunting with his red face,
he stood there for a moment and drooled,
and then he started walking in his baby walker,
drooling and jabbering, with his pants full of poop.

"Shooo-wee Marty! Are you all though pooping your pants?
Goodness gracious. Hims sure was grunting in hims britches.
Yeah, Mommy knows what Marty was doing. Goodness.
Somebody sure needs a changing. Shoooo-wee-shoooo!"

As Marty walked toward his Mother in the baby walker,
she was holding out her arms and smiling at him.
He was almost there, taking step, after step in his walker,
when suddenly he stopped, and Beulah heard tooting sounds.

"Uh, oh, I don't think Marty's all through pooping his pants.
Goodness gracious. I don't think we finished our big job, did we?
No, I think Marty's got some more pooping to do. He sure does.
Yeah, hims not all through pooping hims pants. No hims not."

After a few minutes, Marty was all through pooping his pants,
and he was laying on the floor, getting his dirty diaper changed.
Beulah smiled a motherly smile, as she held his ankles,
and used the front of the diaper to wipe most of the poop off.

"Shooo-wee Marty! You really pooped your pants this morning.
Goodness gracious. Shoooooo! Oh hims got a poopy bottom!
Shoooo! Who pooped their pants? Was that Marty? Goodness.
That's why Marty wears diapers! He likes to poop the pants.
And hims likes to sit in poopy diapers too. Shooo-wee-shooo!
I think Mommy's gonna keep the baby in diapers for a while.
Yeah, the baby likes to sit in poopy britches. Shooo-wee!"

As Beulah was wiping his bottom with a washcloth,
Marty was smiling and cooing to his pretty Mommy.
The baby was telling her how much he loved her,
and she responded with smiles and coos of her own.

"Goodness gracious. Is the baby talking to Mommy?
What's hims saying? Oh hims is just a little chatterbox.
Yes hims is. Are you telling Mommy about pooping your pants?
Yeah, hims got a poopy bottom. Shoooo-wee! Goodness.
The baby likes to talk to Mommy when he poops his pants.
Shooo-wee! Hims got a poopy bottom. Yes hims does."

After cleaning his bottom, his Mother started powdering him.
Marty cooed and jabbered, as Beulah pulled his legs back,
and sprinkled baby powder all over his chubby bottom.

"Goodness gracious. Who's getting their bottom powdered?
Is it Marty? Is Mommy powdering his fat, chubby bottom?
Yep, somebody pooped their pants for Mommy. Yes they did!
And now somebody's getting their bottom powdered. Goodness."

After the baby was all powdered and diapered,
his Mother pulled on his rubber baby pants,
and softly patted his diapered bottom.

Of course she always knew who was "pooping the pants."
Beulah just loved to play this little game with Marty,
whenever he was busy in his britches.

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By DommyMommyAva
Awww Poot Baby Marty wants his Mommy all to himself :(
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By Little Stinky Britches
Thank you Ava and newborn for your comments! :D

This is an old story that I recycled and rewrote into this new one. :D

Thank you again for all your kind comments on my stories! :D
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