Suggestion: An "I'M SO GLAD!!!!" board :-)

Do you have an idea that you would like to share with Mommy Maddy? Would you like to see us do something that you think would benefit all of us? Go ahead tell us your brilliant idea!
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Suggestion: An "I'M SO GLAD!!!!" board :-)

Post by Diapers4Ever »

This would work in the same function as the "I'M SO MAD!!!!!" board, except, in this board, people can share good news with everyone.

I never really thought of this idea before, but, seeing as my mom just spend a quarter mil on a new apartment and we're movin' by the middle of June, I was happy about this, but couldn't figure out the right board to share my joy in. :(

So that's why I suggest this board, so other people with good news can share it with everyone else. :)

Thanks for reading and I hope you take my idea into consideration. :) *big hugs for all*
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Post by MommyShirley »

What a great idea. I hope we see this new section for good news soon.
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Post by Jenna »

Nice idea. I'm so glad for a lot of things. I hope this gets done! *smiles*
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Post by TheSitterStacie »

What a very nice idea, wtg!

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Post by DommyMommyAva »

I'm so glad too!!! I'm not moving in to a new apartment or anything like that but I am sooooo glad to be a part of a group of girls that I can only call Soul Sisters. I get to spend every day with sexy, smart, and funny woman who work hard and make this the best place to be if your an adult baby.

Post by MissLizabeth »

This is a wonderful idea! And thank you Ms. Ava for those very kind words about all of us, I hope you know we all feel the same way about you.

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Re: Suggestion: An "I'M SO GLAD!!!!" board :-)

Post by MommyJackie13 »

Love this idea! I think the adult baby and diaper lover world is full of so much joy, it would be nice to have a spot in our forum to celebrate that. I know how happy being a Mommy makes me and I would love to hear more about what my babies and fellow mommies are excited for.
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Re: Suggestion: An "I'M SO GLAD!!!!" board :-)

Post by mommynamedsusan »

I love this idea, a place to come and share exciting news with everyone! I'm so glad that mommy is getting a new shipment of very special diapers that I have been waiting a very long time for!
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