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Do you have a very very Special mommy Valentine? Me, I have so many little adult baby’s who are going to be my very special Valentines this year. I like to buy little heart stickers and put them all over my Aby’s diaper. At the same time I have so many Adult Baby’s that I pamper over the phone, that I want to make Valentines day special for all of you. I want to give all my Adult baby’s who call me in the month of February five free minutes with any paid call. You save $9.95 and get to talk to your mommy longer!

Are you an adult baby or diaper lover in need of a Mommy with a nurturing voice and attitude? A Mommy who understands your desires and your need to slip out of the real world and become totally dependent on someone who you can trust and confide in? Do you want a Mommy to make all your worries, troubles and responsibilities disappear even if only for a small amount of time? Do you need someone that knows how to make you feel loved, wanted and accepted in this rough and hard world, well then I think you have found just that person. Mommy Star will take away all of your anxieties and troubles. Whether it’s a diaper change, a bottle, a bath, a nap, or anything, Mommy Star will make sure it is taken care of. Maybe baby wants to get naughty too? Mommy Star knows just how to make aby feel all tingly inside. She’ll have aby cooing and begging for more. Maybe you need a Mommy to play with your little soldier or tickle your little button. This Mommy knows no boundaries. So what are you waiting for? I can’t wait to play with all of you adult baby and diaper lover.

Christmas time is right around the corner! I know just how much my naughty little adult babies love the holidays. What does baby want for Christmas this year? I bet there are soo many toys you want to get your cute little hands on. Lets hope you have been a good little diapered adult baby or Santa is going to leave you coals in your diaper…lol The important thing is what does Mommy want for Christmas? You!! Yes that’s right. Mommy just wants a cute soft, cuddly aby she can take care of. Will you call Mommy and be my Christmas aby? Mommy Star

You’ve got Mommy fantasies. Admit it! Come and tell me all about it. I’ve got what aby needs. Let Mommy pleasure you. I need to play with my little man the only way a mommy can! I’ve seen you peeking at me when I change. I know you have watched me in bed with all your “new daddies”. It’s time for Mommy to teach you how to make her happy. Come here young man. Mommy needs you. Call me for some ABDL fun

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