Suggestion for profiles

Do you have an idea that you would like to share with Mommy Maddy? Would you like to see us do something that you think would benefit all of us? Go ahead tell us your brilliant idea!
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Suggestion for profiles

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Would love to have indicators as to when everyone is on or offline. Also know from being in the chat room that some of you get buried in emails. So, several peoples may be lost in the inbox. So, knowing they're online first may give a person a better chance to have email read and responded to. Maybe listing those who are on vacation or a break from here would be a help also. Hopefully no one is still listed that may have retired from here.
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What a great idea Brian. I think this would be a great benefit to all of us. (:
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There is a live dispatcher on the phone a mommy page that you can talk to when inquiring about a mommy's status :)
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Re: Suggestion for profiles

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There are many Mommies here so if you are looking for when Mommies are online the best thing to do is to call 888-430-2010 and request the schedule of the Mommies in order for you to find out who is available.
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