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Un-wrap mommies goodies that is right enjoy my big candy kisses! They are of the sweetest white chocolate drink it up and you will grow to be a big boy! You are such a good adult baby wearing them big thick diapers look how your bottom is so cute in that diaper! I just wanna pinch them cheeks awww, your face is all red now from cooing and laughing while mommy tickle’s your little toe’s. You are making a real big mess in that diaper for mommy. I will put you on the changing table and have you smelling better in no time at all.

You are such a slutty sissy diaper girl, I think that skirt is short enough. Why are u pulling it up like that? Trying to get that cute guy’s attention he is looking this way right now right at you. Dirty, naughty thoughts are going all through your head right? Looks to me like you really want to do what sissy’s do all the time. You wanna go behind the door over there and get that cute guy to take his pants off and put your sissy diaper loving lips around his pee pee then lick it like ice cream. Yes, you love ice cream especially if it is in a cone. Go ahead and lick him all over he will enjoy it ,Mommy will be right here with her hand in her diaper.

I know your tummy does not feel good you are an un- well adult baby. Mommy will put you in a nice warm onesie and make you a yummy ba-ba. Ok, up on the changing table for me and off with that wet diaper that is a good boy! Mommy has her baby powder and her diaper bag all ready to change you. Dry the tear’s little one you will feel better in no time, I will have you in a fresh diaper then it will be off to dream land with thought’s of all the fun adventure’s you and I will go on when you wake up. All my love sweetness,

Sandi came over for some harsh sissy fun. He got all dressed in his sexy pink lingerie and made sure his perfume was in all the right places. When he got there he walked in on his mommy getting his conquest ready for the night. On your knees slut, I want you ready to receive that big hairy cock! I am Mommy I am excited and willing he said. Sandi looked at him and could not hide his big hard on beneath his puffy pink skirt’s. Sandi climbed onto the other sissy’s back and barked you want this cock you know you do you need it now don’t you! Yes Give it too me yeah!!!!

Diaper girl is my friend and she enjoy’s having sissy slumber parties. We have all the cutest outfit’s for the sissy guest’s to play in piles of panties closet’s of corset’s dress’s and plenty of heels. When the sissy guest’s arrive they are so excited to see our party they dig right into all the goodies. Oohhh, look at how sexy Rissa looks in her skirt and corset what a sweet diaper sissy she is! Janie looks so stunning in her pink puffy sleeved party dress and she can really dance to that music look at her move! Diapered and ready to play is how I love to stay at the party!

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