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My mommy and daddy do sooo much traveling and they have people constantly working on our house. When they leave me all alone, of course I feel sad, what little girl wouldn’t??? A lot times I’m left all alone in my big house, and their friends have to come check on me. I love it, Daddy’s lawyer cums over, and he taught me how to play prisoner. That is a game where he will handcuff me to the banister, after he’s given me a little too much to drink of the big girl juice, and he’ll pat me down, and do a “cavity” search. It’s a really fun game, because he’ll stick his big fingers all the way up inside of me. While he has me handcuffed to the stairs with my head pushed up against the stair rails, my pink part starts to get really wet, and then he’ll pull my little plaid skirt down to my ankles, and tell me to stand on my tip toes and push my ass out toward him. Then he’ll either push his big cock inside my tight pink hole, or sometimes if I’ve been a bad girl he’ll push and rip into my bottom hole. He loves to push my head into the bars, while he pushes deeper and deeper into my little pink rear. Sometimes he can’t cum play with me though, but there is always someone who’ll wanna play. Like I said, mommy and daddy are always doing work on our big house, and so sometimes the men who work on the house will want to play with me. The boss of those men always tells me he’s my boss too. He likes to get me down on my knees on the plastic and then he’ll push my head against the floor and push his big boy part into me. He can go really really deep, and sometimes it hurts, but I really, really like it. I like to see just how much I can take, if I’m good enough and I prove to him I can take what he giving me, he’ll get one of the men he works with to join in. I never knew that two people could play with me so well. I can actually fit TWO of them inside of me… it’s sooo almost too much for me, but I try to take it really good for them so they’ll want to keep playing with me, that way they’ll keep cumming so I’m not all alone, in fact the fill up the holes in my day ;) When I get home from school, I hate feeling all alone in such a big house… Would you wanna come take care of me after school and during the night so I don’t feel bad? Can you make me feel good? Come play.

When I was little, I always loved when my big brother would come home from college, because he would invite his college friends to come over to our house. I loved to play with his friends when he wasn’t around. They liked to treat me like a little sister, but they really all liked to do dirty things with me. They loved to tie me up, spank me, and have their naughty way with me. Sometimes it would just be one of them, and sometimes I’d play with more than one of them. They taught me how to be a good little girl, and they never let me misbehave, if I talked back or did something the big boys didn’t like, they’d make me take so much more of their dirty play than I thought I could handle. I really liked being their favorite little girl, and I would always try to do exactly what they wanted, so they would keep coming over to my house, and not go to another little sissies house. Sometimes, one of them would take me on car rides and we would play in the back seat. The soft leather felt amazing against my soft little pink rear. The big boys would tell me to keep it a secret and not tell my brother, what games we played, because my brother would for sure be jealous, and I might get in trouble. But whenever I found out that my big brother was coming home, I would start getting all tingly, and my little cotton panties would start dripping and I would have to take them off and hide them under my bed from so my brother wouldn’t find out about my dripping little cunt. I was looking forward to the big boys coming home and teaching me how to make all of them cum over and over again to play big boy games wit me. I need another big brother to help me feel the way the big boys made me feel. Nervous at first, but then I just felt tingly and hungry to play more and more. Do you think you can come play the big boys games wit me, so I feel this way again?

Hi adult baby!! I want to tell you about the most interesting chat I had yesterday! I was so excited to talk to a guy who was into WetSet! We talked all about how he liked to pee in public. I was so excited to hear about how he liked cotton just as much as I do!! I love to talk about all of your fetishes. I loved strapping on my dildo and putting it inside you, and hearing you moan. I especially love when you pee and poo in your diapers, or just in your pants ;) and I love hearing you come! If you are REALLY good, you’ll make me come too! Normally, what really turns me on is when I get to tell you exactly what I want and you do it for me right when I tell you to! You know you need me to help you get all the creamy goodness out, and I love to do it, especially when you do your very best to turn me on and make me come What will I make you do?

Do you want to role play with me- because that really is my favorite! You’ll love hearing how turned on it makes me when you play out your fantasies of being my daddy, uncle or my big brother!! I had someone call me the other day and tell me all about how he wanted me to sit on his face and let him open my little pussy! And guess what, it turned me on so much! He kept going and told me all the dreams he’d had about me for a very long time. Wow… It made me feel sooo good, because I’ve been wanting someone to tell what they want to do to me for along time. And he wasn’t afraid to tell me exactly what he wanted and let me really get into every dirty little thing with him. And I wanted it more than anything else. The entire day I was thinking about how hot it was that he told me about pulling off my little pink undies and feeling my warm pink center. It made me so wet, especially knowing how much he really wanted to be inside of me and bust inside of me. That’s the best, when I get filled up. Do you think you can turn me on as much as he did? Can you make me do what you have always dreamed of doing with your barely legal little slut, and make me so wet that I think about it ALL day long? I want to hear you try, I want to hear the things that you only want to tell me, because you know I’m your favorite little Step Sister Mandy

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