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Mommy Katie

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My name is Baby Ty-ty. I am called that or Missy, by my perfect and luscious mistress, ms Ava, who I worship. Ms Ava tells me when and where to put on diapers, or sissy clothes. She threatens to take me to the mall or other public places and expose me for whom I am: a middle aged man who pretends that he is straight, but is really gay. A faggot boy. It is not difficult for her to get me to pledge my servitude to other men or my best friend mark, who she knows I would be content to be ordered around, or have to hold his hand in public or be changed by him in public or by or constantly think about getting spanked by. Mistress ava has his phone number and so at any time I know that she can call me and tell him the truth about me. I know that I have not been able to please ms ava as I should have, nor to I know that I could please master mark, because I know I am a loser, but Ms ava lets me try anyway, and leaves open the possibility that I she will notify master mark at some point and tell him that I want to serve him. I know he would laugh at me, but that is my dream. Again, Ms Ava, thank you for speaking to me from time to time and allowing me to serve you. I also give permission, if Ms Ava allows it, for any dominant men or daddies to contact me, with the contact information that Ms Ava has.

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