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You were warned were you not you little fucker that if you disobeyed me what would happen i told you it would be a total humilation for you one that you might not ever get over. But you had to go and disobey me anyways and now look where your at and what is happening to you right in the public eye right on display for anyone and everyone to see and judge to see if your a good fuck or not.The thing is little fucker this isn’t the only one you will fuck before this is over there is many many more to cum lol and you will be judged yes my little dear fucker that little sissy cunt hole will get its fill before the day is out and no bathing afterwards either you will go straight home and into your cage.

My friend loves it when i force her to walk the streets at night while i watch because there is always a surprise waiting along the way.Love getting her to dress up in a white corset and white garter belt and silk hosiery she looks great all dressed up.She loves meeting up with a gorgeous man and taking him back to her place after a few drinks and flirting then giving him the biggest surprise of his life when she starts to strip down for him.Especially when her cock is bigger than theirs and she gives them a ride for their life on her cock.They can’t resist her she gives them so much pleasure even if they don’t understand why they can’t turn her down.

This drag queen loves showing off her body to everyone she loves dressing in sexy clothes sometimes she will go too extreme. but that’s ok she is so adorable when i have her dress up sexy and take her out trolling for a hot guy for the night.She will do her most sexiest dance and walk i can't help but laugh at times.She enjoys the humiliation when i make her do things like this but she also enjoys getting fucked and getting to suck another man’s cock till he squirts that cum all down her throat and she has to swallow all of it then lick his cock clean.Sometimes she has to do more than one a night want to be a drag queen slut.

Face-sitting is something i enjoy so much I like to force him down on his back and have nothing on but maybe a small top and stockings.Straddle his face with my pussy and forcing him to use his tongue on my pussy and ass.Because if he doesn’t then i will twist his balls in my hands in little knots.Giving him so much pain and he doesn’t enjoy that at all lol. Then when i am finished cumming all i want i shower and slip into something soft and silky hand him his chastity belt which he is required to wear. No he is not allowed to cum until i say so that might be a week maybe a month or who knows when he will be allowed to.

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