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I know how much going to the nurses station can make some of my little naughty patients very scared and nervous. You’re not sure what to expect when you put on the paper gown and lay on my examining table, so I try to make you as comfortable as possible. I’ve found that the best way to ease the nerves is by doing a little role reversal… letting you satisfy your curiosity with some medi kink. Here’s what we’ll do… I’ll put on the flimsy paper gown and sit up on the examining table, putting my legs up in the stirrups. I can see the curiosity and excitement in your eyes as you sit down on the little stool and roll up between my legs. “Go on Doctor,” I tease you quietly, “Examine me hehehe,” there’s that wicked little glint in your eyes. You push the gown up further exposing me spread pussy and ass. I feel your shaking hand run down my pussy lips, coating your fingers in my sweet honey. Nervously you look up at me, “I – I’m gonna ch – check to make sure everything is ok down here,” “Mmm whatever you say, Doctor.” I feel one finger press between my pussy lips and find my hard clit. “How does this feel?” you ask breathlessly. “Oooh Doctor that feels good,” encouraged I feel you start to rub little circles on my clit, relaxing just a bit. Then slowly your other hand moves down to my tight hole, teasing the small opening and then pushing your finger inside. I moan as I feel you finger my cunt. “I have to find your g-spot, to make sure you’re healthy,” I can hear the confidence in your voice now, “Yes Doctor.” Pushing another finger inside of me you start to feel around, pumping my tight cunt. “Yessss, there it is,” you say rubbing my special spot. “Ooohhmmmm Doctor that feels so good! Am I healthy?” I say encouraging you on. “I have to check one more thing,” you say, your voice full of lust and excitement. “Oh anything, Doctor!” I feel your finger leave my clit, and move down to my puckered sphincter. Without warning you thrust a finger in my ass, making me let out a long moan. Driven now by my moans and the wetness of my pussy, you start to finger fuck me harder, pushing another finger in my ass and leaning down quickly. “I have to taste your pussy to make sure it's healthy!” you almost yell, clamping your mouth down on my clit and sucking as hard as you can. Its not long before I can tell you’re about to lose control, I hear you groaning and frantically eating my cunt. “UUUNNNNNGGGHHHHHH” you moan into my pussy, dropping your head between my legs. When you peek up I can see the embarrassment in your face. See how fun medical kink is? “Hehehe see honey, checkups aren’t so bad. Now you hop up on this table and let me examine YOU…”

The words we say can be so powerful. There are words that when we hear them they make us cringe. Some can be whispered into our ears and cause us to melt right then and there. With one man I dated it was something as simple as describing what we were doing while he pumped inside of me. I guess the combination of the physical pleasure, and his smell, and then with that dialogue orgasms were not far off. Surely there are sexual words you like more than others. There are a million and a half ways to say make love to me, and they are all powerful in their own ways. Wild outside fun is what the summer brings. We all know of someplace we can slip off to and get raunchy. A favorite place in the woods or a lake that there is room for sexual adventuring. All winter long I think of the places I am going to try out when spring and summer come. Now that it is getting pretty warm I'm ready to break out of the indoors.

I have one caller who calls about once a week, sometimes every other. The things we talk about are beyond crazy. I am always thinking of new topics to bring up when something comes to mind. What crazy little fantasies come into your mind when you are all alone? Are there any you're aching to roleplay? I would be glad to be your fantasy guide and walk you through it. A lot of people smoke after sex, but what about during? There was a guy I dated once who didn't smoke, but loved that I smoked. He even asked me to smoke during sex. I thought it would be distracting, but why not try it. Well if I had known that was going to bring on his orgasm right then and there I would not have lit up. I ended up having to shove his face between my legs so he could help me along. I was fine with talking about the fetish, and the excitement.I just wanted to be in euphoria too. With him working away between my thighs I didn't have a nice visual. Want to know what I thought about though?

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