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Listen up whore. Today is a very important day. You had better be on your best behavior for Daddy today at the party. If you step out of line even once I will not hesitate to humiliate you in front of everyone by pulling out my single tail whip and lashing your bare ass do you understand me? Your only concern today slut needs to be to make Daddy as happy as you can. You better please me in every conceivable way. I’ll be sharing you too, but I am your number one priority. So while I am trying out the other pieces of sissy fuck meat I want you making Daddy’s friends feel amazing. Remember the rules you do not speak without Daddy’s permission. You do not get up on the furniture, you do not make eye contact unless commanded and you do not leave my boots without my instruction to do so. You are not to let my drinks get below one half full and if I have to use the restroom you follow for clean up. Your sissy stick is probably going to be trying to get at full attention since many of Daddy’s friends are gorgeous men in uniforms. You my little toy will be locked in plastic panties and I will unlock you if any of them want to fill your hole with their dick or their fist. It’s going to be a very long day. diaper lover Louie

I want you to open the pretty yellow package that I have sitting in front of you. Do you see your new toy? Or should I say Daddy’s new toy? It’s my new gag to stick in my sissy bitch’s mouth to keep your lips just the way I want them. I want them open, I want your mouth open wide and ready to receive lots of cum do you understand me? I have friends coming over and you are going to be dressed in slutty panties and a corset and Daddy is going to tie you up in the middle of the room for everyone to have enough access to your cum hole.

You’ve been teasing long enough, it’s time for you to get down on your knees and take my cock down into your throat. I know that you’ve never sucked a cock before but Daddy needs to feel your lips wrapped around his swollen dick. You want to be a good sissy bitch for Daddy don’t you slut? Then get down on your knees and get prepared to take Daddy’s cock. All sissy boys need to have their faces painted in sticky thick cum and you’re no exception so suck it and suck it good so that these balls empty all over your pink candy lips.

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