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Most everyone I know enjoys licks and kisses, tender sensitive body parts being sucked on can drive one wild. What about nibbles, and even harder bites? I grow very excited from being bitten, and from giving bites too. The inner thighs become a playground for me with my teeth nibbling the skin. My necks, my thighs, my breasts all are perfect for you to sink a set of teeth into. Femmed boy Thomasina was an absolute pleasure this evening. We got dolled up and went on a cock hunt. It was a treat to have a cock sucking partner and a dressed up boy one at that Loads of cum were drained by the two of us. Our next ‘date’ cannot come soon enough I assure you. Nicholas was a caller who I did a sexual slavery call with. He was bought by me at an auction and trained to be the perfect sex slave, for a woman or man. The training was intense and detailed. I think though when he gets to his new owners they will be pleased with his eagerness to serve and please.

Most men have had countless hand jobs, but how many of you have had footjobs? Does it sound exciting? The feeling of a pair of warm feet wrapped lovingly around your tool can be very arousing. I wrap my toes and wrinkle them against his erection and look him in the eyes as I run my soles and toes over his hard on. Then there are times that I simply sit back and let a man make love to me feet. Have you had this sort of pleasure? A friend of mine came over, and I could tell from the look on her face she had something to talk about. I asked her to sit down, got us both something to drink. For a while we made small talk, and then she let out a deep sigh. For the next thirty minutes she talked and I nodded, and acknowledged she was talking. It was what she needed, to get it out. It’s a shame some women feel so afraid to talk to their husbands and boyfriends about what they want in bed. It’s a shame they have to reveal all of these feelings to a comforting friend, because they are scared to tell the ones they should be telling. I know it is starting to change, but a lot of women feel this way.

This act may not be sexual to you, washing your hair I mean. It can be done in very sexy ways though. A man called me and wanted to talk about his hair-washing fetish. We talked about the ritual of rinsing hair getting it wet, lathering up your head and so on. He said for a long time he has enjoyed washing a woman’s hair. He enjoys it either in a doubles shower, or with her in the tub. He said he wasn’t necessarily submissive but was service oriented when it came to hair. I enjoyed him very much. I have been going nuts in my mind with the simplest fantasy. My mind is full of thoughts of seeing two men make out and go down on one another. Not in a Domination/submission stand point? I just want male-to-male lust. I have had a liking for bi males for as long as I can remember. It has taken a back seat to other fantasies, but now it is consuming every self-love session I give myself hehe. I don’t know when I will get to see ti done in that way, but I am waiting, minnie

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