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Sissy Paul

It's Halloween whore and you know what I like to make my deviant fuck slaves do? Well bobbing of course. I've got something sweeter than apples for you to bob for. My thick throbbing cock bobbing right in your face waiting for you to suck it and empty my balls all over your sissy whore lips and mouth. That sounds like a fabulous little one on one Halloween party. One on one is good but I might expose you and have you bobbing on all of the cocks of my friends too. Your mouth is going to hurt so fucking bad and your face is going to look like a sperm bank. Let's just take a little camping trip. Daddy needs someone willing to keep him warm. Is that you? I'll pack everything up but we won't need a lot of gear because this trip is all about getting inside of your ass every which way I can. First you'll be stripped down and bound in rope inside the tent. Then when I have you in the perfect position it's your mouth that I'll use to get my pole wet and you better get it soaking slobbery wet, you'll want it wet trust me. When I get done with you you'll need three days off work, two for the trip and one to recover but it will be worth every bit of it.

As you enter the room all you can notice is one large candle burning in the middle of the coffee table.You make your way toward the and hear My command to kneel. You kneel and are approached from behind and a blindfold is placed on you by a strange pair of hands as you knew I was in front of you. There is now a presence in front and behind with both sets of hands rubbing your head and shoulders. As you start relaxing you feel something brushing ever so lightly against your lips. Was that the head of a cock, a nipple or just a finger to tease you. Soon there is no question you feel my cock on your lips and told to open wide and get on your hands and knees. As your are sucking at what is the sweetest fullest cock you have ever had in your worthless mouth your ass cheeks are spread open and something thick is jammed in your ass as their hands grab your hips to drive it in deeper. That little thing between your legs is now rock hard and wanting attention. As you are being plowed from behind you can feel an orgasm approaching fast so you deep throat my cock and feel my balls tighten up and you receive a throat full of my sweet cum as whom ever it is ramming your ass pops their load in you ass. We stop leaving you with your boner still throbbing and you are told to jerk it off in a cup and swallow your own load. You are breathless and full of jizz and well satisfied.

I am the type of guy that plays dirty and I don't mean cheating at a game. The kind of play I am talking about is Coprophilia, Emetophilia, Klismaphilia, and Urolagnia. Those are the big technical terms for scat, roman showers, enemas and piss play. Now that is what I call down and dirty don't ya think? Does this sort of thing turn you on well let me know or if there is one you would like to try let me know.

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