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“Hi my son, I am so glad that you came to visit me today. It has been just dreadful having to care for your father since his stroke. He just sits in his wheel chair all day barking orders. He has become worthless in every way but still just as cruel and demanding as always. He is of no use to me whatsoever, why his cock is useless it cant even get hard, you just don’t know how incredibly neglected and tried I have been. Here dear go and say hello to your father while I fix you a cocktail.” I enter the living room where you sit trying to speak to your father; I am dressed in a white, short, low cut dress. I take a seat next to you, I am plotting to seek revenge against your father as I rub your leg sliding my hand firmly up towards your inner thigh. Attempting to persuade you to take part in my Perverted Revenge Fantasy, I continue to complain about how deprived I have been, looking unto you to pleasure me and fulfill my deed. “Oh my sweet young man, I have been slaving to care for your father day and night, with not any time left for me. I am in desperate need of some personal attention,” I lift my dress exposing my pink pussy, and I justly deserve it after all your father has put me through. “MOM” you exclaim, “what are you doing here in front of dad?” I forcefully grab your cock through the thick of your jeans “yes, dear here, in front of your father, your mother is starving for your large powerful cock, please dear, show your father the man you have become.” You struggle with me shaking your head, knowing how perverted and wicked my proposal is. But compelling you to take part in my sadistic revenge against your father needed only to remind you of how he always demeaned you growing up, constantly putting you down, claiming how you would never become a real man! “This is your turn to prove to him that you are a real man….A Man that he can no longer be! Fuck me right here, right now, as he watches!” You become angry remembering how he would belittle you. You strip off your pants and spread my legs, I respond instantly by breaking the thin white straps to my dress I offer my voluptuous breast up to your lips, you proudly show your enormous rock hard cock, looking directly at your father you slide your hard cock inside my wet and welcoming pussy. Your dad sits and watches from the confines of his wheel chair, visibly distraught and helpless. You fuck me long and slow as you sneer at him, taking delight in his anguish. “Look at me Dad, fucking your wife, the wife you can no longer please!” I laugh at the disgrace we have brought to your father and begin to ridicule him as well “your son has become a real man…father dear, he fucks me like you never could!” I revel as my perverted fantasy comes into fruition. A young man has much to learn about himself and his sexuality. I find that during a MILF Role Play I can really embellish his thoughts and desires. Explaining to him that it is his raging hormones that has him so confused and frustrated, yes, I can explain it in only a way a nurturing women can. Gentle but firm, he will learn so very much from me and our MILF fantasy. I am eagar to enter his room this evening after everyone has gone to sleep, I think I will wear my shear white nightie, with white laced panties. Something that shows off my beautifully full breast and my tanned body. The idea of helping him achieve his first orgasm has me all a flutter. Tonight’s fantasy time will be a memory I will want to cherish and relive many times. Sinful Phone Play with Rachel 1-888-430-2010
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