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Omg I thought I would die laughing a good friend told me about this guy she went out with had a nice dinner and drinks they decided since they clicked they would go back to her place.Well apparently things started getting pretty hot i did like that part of the story.Well needless to say they ended up in her bed but what was so funny is that she got in bed watching him take his clothes off and everything was going great until he got to his underwear she said that when he pulled those off she was looking for his dick to come out also.But when she finally saw it.laughing she said it was so tiny she just about pissed the bed laughing asking him what did he think he could do with that.Anyways before warned if you have a tiny dick expect to be laughed at because that will happen.She ended up putting a diaper on him and making him sleep in the baby’s nursery.Minnie is so bad i know she loves making these guys into sissy babies.But then so do I laughing.Come play with me my good friends will be joining me very soon can’t wait they are so much fun.

Now that I have your undivided attention I want you to sit up straight and pay attention to what I am going to tell you. Think you can do that let us hope so for your sake no looking around and rolling your eyes.My friends that will be joining me in the next few weeks will not tolerate that either.So might as well get use to it huh. Now what I need to do is find out exactly what you like and you are like thinking how in the hell is she going to do that. Well this is how it's going to happen You my dear are going to pick up that phone and call me your going to tell me exactly what you like and i am going to get my little black note book down and write all this down for my friends that will be here soon. Then as each one joins me on my road to taking care of that cock and balls of yours you will call them and see what pleasures they can bring into your life. These ladies will bring so much pleasure that you will keep cumming back for more.You won’t be able to get enough of these lusty ladies. Now that I have my site up and running I look forward to having my other friends joining me in the next few weeks.I really hope that everyone will enjoy seeing and talking to us we are a great bunch of ladies. We love to have fun and we know just how to go about doing that.Now for anyone that doesn’t know me my name is Granny Silvia and I am one naughty granny.Your not sure that you would like having sex with a granny but my dear we are the hottest ladies there is we are willing to do anything to get that cock into our mouths up our asses and yes into our hot cunts too

Oh the thoughts of forcing and watching you give up all the things that you love doesn’t sound so good does it.or maybe it does you have dreamed of turning into a female and living as one for many years so now you can.i will appoint someone to watch and make sure you do just as your told to do.you will dress as a female from head to toe you will sleep in female nighties wear a kotex pad for seven days once a month.you will walk, talk and sit and piss just like a female.this for a total of one month you will live this way and no other way either at the end of this month we will talk and decide if this is for you on a full time basic. My little abdl babies I love my ab/dl so much! Ab-dl life is everything!

Sex with my grandson or neighbors son is always so special and so much fun they keep this grandma smiling constantly. Iy started out just kidding around they where growing up so fast.and i looked over and there that grandson had a nice bulge in his pants I reached over and patted his crotch I left it there couldn’t seem to take my hand away but as I started to remove my hand grandson put his hand over top of mine and started to rub up and down against his cock. Then next thing I know our clothes are off and he is fucking his grandma like I have never in my life been fucked before now you have to remember my grandson and the neighbor boy has grown up together so as you all know boys will be boys and talk. The next few days went over with the usual things then up toward the weekend grandson and his friend shows up at my door and big ole smiles on their faces I invited them in. We are sitting at the dining room table chatting that when my loud mouth grandson tells me he told his friend what happened.and his friend wants his cherry busted by me also because according to my grandson the sex we had was great. lmao so anyways now here I am with two very horny boys on my hand what am I do with both of them hell fuck em is what and thats exactly what i did. oh wow that was so great having two young one catering to this grandma and boy did they take care of me. So now we have those special days they come over to do work for me. It usually takes about most of the day but they don’t seem to mind at all I wonder why laughing

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