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All shapes and lengths of ribbon used as a bondage accessory got my last guy insane with lust. He liked rope and restraints but adored ribbon. No problems here, ribbon is soft and sensual and nice to use. Seeing as how I love bondage we got along perfectly. He seemed very nervous to be talking to me about his kink. I tried my best to relax him, partly by telling him some of the stuff I fantasize about. This seemed to help because soon he was opening up and sharing. That is what I love when a man comes to me nervous and afraid but finds out I really am kinky as well so he opens up and the fantasies flood out. We’ve been talking once a week for about a year now. Panties, he loved panties. Dirty, smelly used, and moist panties. He told me he preferred them worn for days at a time. He had been a panty thief for many years and wanted to get it off of his chest. I’m not sure what it was about the way he said but he had me dampening my own panties. The longer we talked and the deeper the conversation went, the more I understood his fetish. I hope this isn’t that last time we speak.

How many of you are turned on by hot breath in your ear? When someone pants in my ear, I tremble and melt. On the other side of that I find earlobes delicious to nibble at. I once had a lover that could make me have intense orgasms using only his tongue to my ear. I have never found anyone like that since. My hubby’s birthday is coming up. I want to do something extra special. Last year we didn’t do a lot. This year though we will be away on vacation for the day of his birthday. What I am hoping that with being in a strange town that what little inhibitions we have will be gone. I want something wild and sexy that will have him remembering that vacation and that birthday for years to come. Maybe you guys can help. What is the sexiest wildest birthday surprise that your girlfriend or wife could give you that you never expected her to fulfill for you. Of course it has to be possible, but what do you all think?

I watched the We channel’s Secret Lives of Women last night. The topic was fetishes and fantasies. One of the ladies was a fire fetishist. I would love to go see one of her shows. Now I have to find out where they are. I think the show will explain to people what is erotic about fire. What fetishes do you hide every day? I talked to a friend of mine the other day and she revealed a fetish for anything water. Like being underwater, holding her breath in water, swim suits, rubber caps for swimming, and even flotation toys. Now this seems like an easy fetish to fulfill you can get those things anywhere. Then she told me the extent of her fetish.

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