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You look at my pictures, read my blogs and imagine how good I could make you feel with just the sound of my voice. My voice caressing you in ways you never imagined. Your prick strains against the confines of your clothes, begging for my touch. It aches for a simple caress of my hand, a kiss from my lips, or a warm wet flick of my tongue. The goosebumps ripple across your naked skin as every nerve in your body imagines the tantalizing sting of my whip on your bare flesh. Just the thought of what I could do to you makes your cock jump in anticipation, and yet…..you don’t call. I’m here for you, waiting to service you or stand over, as the case deems necessary, and yet….you don’t call. Sure, we’re all busy. We’re all in a pinch for time. But, remember, you deserve a little selfish time! You need to fulfill those deep desires that only I will understand. No matter what your fetish or desire, you can tell me and I will help you fulfill those dreams because I’m the only one who truly understands. I don’t judge you for your kinks and fetishes. Oh no, never! I help you explore and celebrate them! There’s only ONE good reason for not calling me…..and that’s if I have you tied up at the moment ;) Sinful Seductive Robin The Love Ranch was an awesome Movie! You can catch the flick on Netflix. I love the Nevada Brothel and it drives me crazy that prostitution is illegal. Awhile back I wrote a research paper about prostitution here is a small tidbit of what I found out. Prostitution should be Legal! While most of society looks at all sexual acts as deviant, not all are illegal. Pornographic movies and magazines, while considered immoral have not been censored even while the same acts are performed as that of a prostitute. Public opinion with the exception of Nevadans, have helped to shape prostitution and is largely perceived as immoral behavior stemming mostly from religious beliefs that a women should not have sex outside of marriage. The behavior is also often related to other unsavory activities such as drinking, gambling and criminal acts such as illicit drug use, child pornography, and human trafficking. So it is no wonder that the public has come to see this as a deviant act and laws against it. Did you know that in 1980 that the laws began to penalize the act more harshly; if the prostitute were found to have contracted HIV they would then face charges of a felony as opposed to a misdemeanor (Prostitution). The exception is Nevada’s brothels; which have been legal since the 1900’s due to the consent of the native Nevadans, (mostly men) the backing of lawmakers and enforcers and remains in full operation today. However, in ancient times prostitution was not considered deviant at all but readily accepted. In fact “ancient history concubines and courtiers often lived in the same house as the wife and often had equal status and some legal rights” (Prostitution).
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