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I just love teaching at the all boys’ catholic school. Most of the students are spoiled unruly trust fund boys and it seems before I came along they could not keep a permanent health teacher. Maybe it’s because my methods of teaching are unconventional and not what the school board recommends, but someone’s got to teach these boys! Oh yes. I absolutely love when I get a new student. They’re always so shy the first day but with my hands on approach and my tempting tight attire it doesn’t take long before they start looking up my skirt and down my shirt. Imagine a room full of little boys with huge hard on’s for Ms. Ava. I have no trouble keeping these boys in line and on time. Little boys who get out of line are kept after class for my very special brand of one on one “personal tutoring”. Ms Ava specializing in Taboo and incest phone sex role play 888-430-2010

Uh oh, you’ve been so busy daydreaming about your teacher naked that you forgot to pay attention in class! Now I want you to stay after class for your punishment so as the rest of the class piles out for a long weekend of fun. You are ordered to stay after and pull down your pants. This is your favorite class, but all you can think about is me naked bent over my desk. Whenever I call you up to the board, I can see your cock getting hard. It’s so embarrassing, but I just smile at you. Now that we're alone, I tell you to get under my desk. That is where you’ll stay until I say you may leave. Hmm. What am I going to do with you? Interested in some extreme taboo phone sex? Is your fantasy too disgusting to share with friends? Call me for intense no limits phone sex.

Have you been a naughty boy? Oh dear well that just will not do! Were you in the panty drawer again, or perhaps stroking that cock of yours without permission? Well, either way you surely need a good punishment. Now bend over yes right over my knees. I love when you shake, knowing the sweet pain I am about to deliver. I think I’ll start with my bare hand, making your bottom cheeks as pink as the ones on your face. You better grit your teeth sweetie, because even as I spank you I feel that cock start to get hard. Yes I think we have a long night of spanking and diaper punishment ahead of us!

I am writing this because you allowed me to. You have not ordered me to do it-although I would comply with your order- but of my own free will. As you know, when I first started calling you I told you about and fantasized about being spanked and made a baby by my best friend, Mark. We talked about him taking me by the hand, spanking me, changing my diaper. You also told me that he should tattoo his name on me so that everyone would know I was his slave. The fantasies got more and more intense, until I was craving him do that. I even gave you his phone number so that you could call him if you wanted to tell him what I was telling you. Now, I am craving even more being a sissy fag boy. I want to be his houseboy or whoever would have me. Now i Know that is where I belong. At my master’s feet, kissing them and begging to be spanked or have my diaper changed. I also worship men’s asses and lick their balls, and of course would suck their gorgeous cocks for them if they allowed that. I long to be a houseboy or servant for a man, especially if I could be seen by you doing this (which I know you would like.) thank you for the opportunity of telling the public who I really am. sissy boy faggot 888-430-2010

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