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I am on my knees diapered and ready to blow you! My diapered pussy is just waiting for a good spank,I know just what you want to do to me. You wanna take that cock you got and stick in both sets of my lips as you listen to me scream while you fuck my tight, wet cunt. Come over here and relax while I do a diaper dance for you that is good you know how I wanna please you. I spend every moment when you are gone thinking about you all over me playing with my nipples and then blowing your sticky load all over my tits!

There you are you smelly little thing! Mommy knows you are really hungry for my breast milk, you know what it does to you though. You get so Horny and excited when you are suckling you make a naughty 3 all over in your diaper followed by a big smelly ,mess! Mommy pulls you off her big milk filled nipple and sets you on the changing table pulls that dirty diaper off slowly as it starts to come down your legs it leaves trails of nasty poop all the way down your legs. Oooh, how it reeks now mommy has to us the wipes to clean your messy legs and bottom then she throws it in the trash. Mommy slips a new diaper on you and pulls the tape to the sides. Now we can get back to you serving your mommy!

My lips are so sweet and tender just for the tasting but that is something you will never get to do.you ask why guess what i don’t have to give you a answer because your nothing but dirt under my finger nails is all you need to know.you inch closer to my face thinking that you can just get a simple little taste of my tender lips but nope i back away i look over at you and see a tears coming down your face i laugh because you are such a ass wimp. get on you knees before me and i might let you get a closer look at them. Walked into the room looked over at you and there you were all bent over i knew then that you had been a very bad sissy.so i walked over to where you were and there i saw the evidence on your chin.where you didn’t have time or didn’t get it completely washed off.now its time for me to have the fun is it not so i looked to make sure you had your chastity belt on.i take the keys from you and then i go to the nightstand and get my strap on out and come back to where you were waiting i see the air swoosh out from you.

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