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I love to play a little game I call Mother May I. See, I find that there are some of you that simply can’t keep your little hands off that pecker of yours. You wake up in the morning … your hand reaches for your dick. You take a shower … your hand is sliding all over your cock. You take a wiz break at work … there you are yet again, in the stall, giving yourself a ‘happy’. The list goes on and on and on. So, to put a stop to your incisive masturbation and to curb such compulsive behavior, I slap one of these puppies on – can you say “chastity device”, LOL! Now, every time you want Mr. Happy to get a little TLC, you have to come to me and ask – Mother May I? Of course I say “NO, you will have to earn that privilege.” And oh how I love to tease and taunt you while you are being denied. To see that cock of yours strain against its cage…to watch those balls of yours get bluer and bluer…absolutely delicious. Now understand this, I simply will not allow one single drop of your jizz to spill without my explicit permission, so you better damn well get use to it! Be prepared to service me in any way I see fit if you ever want that cock of yours to see the light of day again!

She saunters up to the end of the bed, bends down to your ear and whispers, “Are you ready to service my hot pussy?” You nod enthusiastically, not knowing what to expect. Tina turns around and proceeds to sit right down on your face – literally! Folds of skin surround your head. You feel the tonnage lowering itself onto your face. You start to panic, but then you hear her muffled instructions to start eating if you want to breathe again. As you mind catches up with what is transpiring, and realizing that if you ever want to see the light of day again you had better do as you are told, you begin by jolting your tongue out, searching for the fold that will reveal your waiting meal and in turn, allow you precious air again. She giggles and begins to squirm against your probing tongue. You find her swollen clit and latch on, sucking as if your life depends on it (and in a way it does – for if she’s not happy with your performance, she will not allow you a single gulp of air). Tina squeals in delight and begins to pump up and down on that turbine tongue of yours as it delves into Tina’s increasingly wet twat. Then it happens – she starts to spasm, thrusting her acreage hard into your face, almost breaking your nose. Waves and waves of her hot pussy juices flood your mouth and splatter across your already sweat soaked face. She looses herself in her orgasm, forgetting for a moment that you lay helplessly under her, unable to breathe. As you twist under her girth trying desperately to suck in any air that you possibly can, she is brought back to reality and lifts herself off your glistening face. Tina takes the blindfold off you, and as your eyes adjust to the light, Tina’s form comes into focus and you finally get to see her in all her glory – all 500 lbs. of her! She blows you a kiss, tells you thanks for the ride, and waddles out the door. You look around, still tied down, and notice me sitting to the side with a wicked little grin on my face. I slowly walk over to you and say, “So sweetie, did you like your ride on the Smother Mother of all Mothers??”

I think I am going to make you my special present under the tree. Wrap you up so you can’t move, poke and shake you a bit as I pass by you. I would be like a child waiting for Christmas morning to role around, just itching to rip open my special present, hehehe. Then when the day finally rolls around, I would play all sorts of wondrously wicked little games with my new toy!! Oh such delicious fun I would have with you on Christmas morning!! Want to be my very special Christmas toy? Then call me and I will let you in on all the sinful things I will do to you!

For those of you needing some control over that cock you have found the cock master. I love the guided masturbation call. As far as phone sex calls between strangers, this is probably one of my favorites to break the ice. That’s because I get to focus on the object of MY desire: you're cock. Guys, I am so not joking here. I love to hear you climax and so it does follow that I would love to orchestrate the movements in the symphony of your masturbation. I have so many ways to make you stroke. I love to make you twist it–screw it and fuck it with your hand. I love to get you on the edge for some intense edge play and then let you come down several times before letting it explode. You’ll find I usually come too… I can’t help it, it’s DAMN sexy and hot to me. So whatcha say – you ready to stroke for me?

Doesn't she look good enough to sink your teeth into? I started thinking of this fetish when I saw a Seinfeld episode where Kramer is using butter on his body, and accidentally 'cooks' himself outside. His friend is having horrible thoughts of eating him, and ends up biting him. Well she is much sexier than Kramer, and I bet she tastes divine. Wouldn't you like me to capture and cook a feast like this for you? Or maybe you have thought of this but didn't know Gynophagia (woman eating) existed . Either way I am up for some very taboo phonesex like this.

I'm trying to find a good Halloween costume before it gets too close to Halloween. There is something funny about Halloween. It is one night that is acceptable for women to go out dressed very trashy. You're out checking them out. The hotties in their ultra tight dresses. Watching their legs in their fishnet hose. Then you see one walking back from a party all alone. She's stumbling in her thigh high boots and you know it's now or never. Within the blink of an eye you are pushing her to the bushes. Tonight this little prick tease is going to pay. Sound like a good roleplay for us? Sure I can tell you to lick your hand after you shoot a load in it. Don't you think it would be more fun for me though if you did something different? I do, and I have plenty of cum eating instructions to share with you. You bring your horny self to me and get ready to stroke under my every command. make sure you can follow through with what I ask you to do also. I want to have you eating your jizz in different ways each time we speak.

I'd like you to meet my friend Willow . She seems so sweet but she is a wicked little vixen. You become so wrapped up in her that you don't realize how deviant she is until you have fallen for her. We've had some crazy calls , I think you would like the two of us together, We had one this weekend with a caller of mine that is into rape fantasies. This time though Willow set him up to get anally raped by she and I. So she lured him back to her place and we had our way with him. Just look at her though, you'd fall for it too.

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